Evidence based medicine and continuous medical education are considered top goals in every day  medical practice; Self teaching and self assessment proved to be one of the most efficient tools in this concern.
    This website is designed for otorhinolaryngology and head& neck surgery profession, as a self teaching house, it gives the spirit of clinical experience in the field, anyhow this site is not a substitute for textbooks. Anatomy, radiology, physical signs and operative findings are presented in a clinical background without going into hair splitting controversies.  A model of operational policy in ORL department is included; Patient teaching and teacher teaching are also highlighted.
    In fact the aim is to create a non boring
pleasant clinical atmosphere for beginners.

I hope it works.

 Khairy Alhag Abu Shara M.D.
Senior consultant ENT& H_N surgeon
Ex. chairman of ENT medical council
Kuwait 99-06



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